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Building a Virtual Corporation is still available on eBay. This book is not normally sold for very much but can be a great tool to rewrite your own info. (hint hint) I know you always hear how hard the Internet marketing niche is to break in to but once you have sold one thing via the Internet your an Internet marketer. Now if you can replicate what you’ve done to sell something on the Internet and can successfully demonstrate or teach this then your a marketer.

Most of what makes and Internet marketer successful is they do not fail. When I say they do not fail it means that if something does not go as planned they use this as a learning tool to create an even better product or market something a different way. They do not look at a bust or flop as a road block or failure but rather a stepping stone and a tool to get to the next level.

So as usual your free book Building a Virtual Corporation

P.S You can not fail if you do not give up – by unknown-