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Here is a short PRL you can do what you want of problem solving tips. This comes with a book cover but is very small and graphics are not that nice in my opinion. This also comes with a sales page I skimmed through them and a few of them are pretty good ideas.

Here are a few of them

  • How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock.

  • How To Remove A Stubborn Screw.

  • How To Keep Nails From Splitting Wood.

  • How To Remove Oil From Your Driveway.

  • How To Keep Fish Hooks From Rusting.

  • How To Make Sandpaper Last Longer.

  • How To Revive Old Razor Blades.

  • How To Cut Glass Without A Glass Cutter.

  • How To Get Water Out Of Your Watch.

  • How To Open That Stuck Zipper.

  • How To Loosen Those Tight Shoes.

  • How To Eliminate Odors From Disposal.

  • How To Prevent Flowers From Fading.

  • How To Remove Grease From Rugs.

  • How To Destroy The Desire For Nicotine.

  • How To Make A Pantyhose Last Longer.

  • How To Keep A Burn From Blistering.

  • What To Do If You Oversalt Food.

  • How To Destroy Onion Smells.

  • How To Boil A Cracked Egg.

  • How To Eliminate Popcorn Duds- FAST.

  • How To Keep Windshields Frost Free!

  • How To Clean Carved Furniture.

  • How To Clean Rust From Chrome.

  • Cure Scratches From Furniture.

  • How To Make An Emergency Clothes Brush.

  • How To Cut A Soft Pie.

  • How To Peel Onions Without Tears.

  • How To Keep Vegetables Fresh Longer.

And Many More!

Here is your link Problem Solving Tips 200 fixes 

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